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Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are extracted before or after they come in. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. A surgical extraction generally involves a tooth that has not come in yet or has broken off at the gum line.

Read the patient stories below for information and advice about wisdom tooth extraction. Learn about common concerns, including pain, infection, what to expect during the procedure, and recovery.

Patient Advice

Overall Rating
average of all patients
Pain is 2.2 of 10
Inconvenience is 3.4 of 10

About the rating

Preparation for Removal of Wisdom Tooth:
“Find the right dentist or oral surgeon who really cares and will take the time to explain every aspect of the procedure to you and make sure that you feel at ease.”

“Talk with the doctor about the pros and cons of pulling out more than one wisdom tooth at the same time versus one at a time.”

“Schedule the surgery for the morning because you are not allowed to eat anything before the procedure.”

“Ask if you should take pain medicine in advance of pain before the anesthetic wears off.”

“Request headphones (or bring your own) for music during the procedure to distract you.”

During and After Removal of Wisdom Tooth:
“Tell your doctor, or raise a hand, if you are uncomfortable at any time during the procedure.”

“Report any pain or discomfort to the doctor or nurses. Do not hesitate to communicate.”

“Carefully follow post-procedure care instructions.”


Patient Stories

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom teeth out relatively late, at age 23. Read More

David, male, 23, Pennsylvania

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

My dentist recommended that I get my wisdom teeth removed to prevent the possibility of infection. Read More

Colleen, female, 21, Massachusetts

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

After taking an X-ray of my teeth, my doctor saw that there was not enough room in my mouth for the four wisdom teeth still hiding beneath my gums. Read More

Tyler, male, 18, Texas

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

An infection formed in my back bottom wisdom teeth. At my first visit to the dentist, I could not even open my mouth. Read More

Aimee, female, 20, Florida

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

My teeth were bothering me and I went to see my dentist. He examined my teeth and recommended that I have my wisdom teeth extracted. I resisted at first but then I decided that it was the right course of action. Read More

Kyoung, female, 32, New York

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I was getting infections in my gums and teeth. My doctor recommended removal of my four wisdom teeth. Read More

Jake, male, 31, Massachusetts

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