Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal

(Removing a section of skin for diagnosis)

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A skin biopsy is the removal of a portion of the skin to help diagnose a medical condition. There are three types of skin biopsies: a shave biopsy is the removal of the outer skin layers, a punch biopsy is the removal of a round piece of skin, and an excisional biopsy is the removal of the entire area of skin being examined.

Patient Advice

Overall Rating
average of all patients
Pain is 1.4 of 10
Inconvenience is 3.3 of 10

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Preparation for Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal:
“Find out clearly ahead of time what exactly your doctor is going to do: will she/he be doing a biopsy or will the doctor remove the mole entirely?”

“Get as much advice as possible from the physician and/or his or her staff about what you can do to assist healing.”

After Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal:
“Go over follow-up care with the doctor and leave with written instructions for follow-up care.”

“Keep a close eye on the wound after the procedure to make sure it is healing properly. Contact your doctor with any concerns or questions.”

“Use 30+ sun block.”


Patient Stories

Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal

I went to the doctor because I was concerned about what looked like a blister on my chest that wouldn’t go away. The doctor looked at it but wasn’t concerned. But then he saw a dark freckle he didn’t like the look of. Read More

Adrienne, female, 40, New York

Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal

I had a suspicious looking mole on my thigh; the mole was particularly dark. The doctor looked at the mole and said it looked "interesting." He recommended doing a biopsy. Read More

Ken, male, 42, Massachusetts

Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal

I went to the dermatologist for a full-body check. The doctor noticed a mole on my arm that appeared suspicious. Read More

Amy, female, 21, Connecticut

Skin Biopsy/Mole Removal

I have a history of suspicious skin lesions. Most recently, I had a mole that looked suspicious so the doctor decided to biopsy it. Read More

Mark, male, 40, California

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