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Stacy, female, 30, Massachusetts

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I could not breathe through my nose; it meant I did not sleep well and it was affecting other areas of my life. My doctor recommended a septoplasty and turbinate reduction.

Before the surgery I was told not to take aspirin products for two before and then two weeks after the operation.

I showed up to the pre-op area with my mom, who could stay with me until I went into surgery. I changed into a hospital gown and they had me get in bed and they took all my vitals and put in an IV line. After that a bunch of different people — nurses, anesthesiologists and my surgeon — came in and asked me a bunch of questions, many repetitive for safety.

My surgeon came in to see how I was doing and to explain once again the procedure to me. After that they gave me some medication to calm me and they wheeled me off to surgery; at that point I was starting to get sleepy. I said bye to my mom and they told her they would come talk to her as soon as I was done. In the OR they gave me the anesthesia and that is all I remember until I woke up. It took me a few hours to wake up fully.

After the procedure I had an oxygen mask on my face and my mouth was very dry and throat a little sore from the breathing tube. I wanted to ask for a drink but was still a little out of it and couldn’t seem to get the words out — this was funny for me lol. When I did wake up the nurse was right there and asked me if I wanted a drink and took the mask off since I was okay breathing without it. She went to go get me a drink (and a popsicle lol) and get my mom for me.

I had a blood pressure cuff on and these things on my legs so I wouldn’t get clots from lying down. I felt a little crappy after and it took me a while to wake up enough to start getting my instructions for home. When it was time to leave they gave me my prescriptions (pain meds and an antibiotic). They told me to rest a lot and clean my nose with saline when I could. I had to rest a lot for a few days. I was out of work for a week only because I just didn’t feel like I could do much. I did have to take a lot of pain meds at first because I wanted to stay ahead of the pain. I weaned down after a few days.


My Advice

Take it easy! Don’t try to do too much at first and when you do start to walk around, don’t over do it because you will just set yourself back. Clean your nose as much as you can because it does help. Take pain medication to stay ahead of the pain.

- posted by HealthAngle April 22, 2011
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