Mouth Biopsy

(Sample tissues or cells from the mouth)

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A biopsy of the mouth is the removal of cells or tissue from the mouth to allow the sample to be examined for abnormalities.

Patient Advice

Overall Rating
average of all patients
Pain is 6.3 of 10
Inconvenience is 2.5 of 10

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Preparation for Mouth Biopsy:
“Consider choosing an oral surgeon with knowledge of oral pathology (oral pathologists specialize in doing biopsies and making diagnoses).”

“Point out to your oral surgeon where your mouth is especially sensitive.”

“It truly is not as painful as you would imagine: They numb the area thoroughly, the biopsy is done and you go home to recover and heal.”

During and After a Mouth Biopsy:
“Report any pain or discomfort to the doctor or nurses. Do not hesitate to communicate.”

“Ask your healthcare provider any questions about follow up, including when you can expect to get the results and how they will be communicated.”


Patient Stories

Mouth Biopsy

I went to an oral surgeon who considered a diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris, an autoimmune disease that causes blistering of the skin and the mucous membranes. To confirm that suspicion, he needed to do a biopsy. Read More

Paul, male, 48, Massachusetts

Mouth Biopsy

My dentist had done a root canal and from the second day on my mouth started to blister. My dentist consulted with a past professor from dental school and then set up an appointment for the next day with an oral surgeon. Read More

Maddy, female, 62, Kentucky

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