(Using meditation and visualization techniques as a complementary form of healing)

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Meditation is a mind-body practice and series of techniques to help focus a person’s attention. The techniques include breathing and visualization. Meditation is used to decrease stress, contribute to overall wellness, cope with a disease or health challenge and create a positive focus around a goal.

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Preparation for Meditation/Visualization:
“Go into it with any open mind: studies have shown that the mind is a powerful instrument that can assist in recovery.”

“Get support from family and friends to support you in your healing program.”

After Meditation/Visualization:
“Follow the healing program as much as possible.”

“It can be helpful to combine both allopathic and holistic medical approaches. This combination can help you feel much more comfortable through the healing process, recover faster, and feel more in control of your health. If you are prepared both mentally and physically, you will be in the best shape you can to go into the surgery.”


Patient Stories


I went in for a bilateral mastectomy, and I've held onto this new feeling of calm and peace these weeks of recovery. Read More

Deborah, female, 48, Connecticut


I was lead through short meditation and visualization practices to program my body for healing for thyroid surgery. Read More

Harry, male, 69, Massachusetts


I had a craniotomy for a meningioma. My anesthesiologist was familiar with the meditation and visualization program I chose. Read More

Gail, female, 54, Massachusetts


The doctor told me that in order to get better, I must have heart surgery. This was the first time in my life I realized that I needed the help of Western medicine for my condition, in addition to a holistic approach. Read More

Crystal, female, 60, Massachusetts

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